Ah, cats. Cats do seem to polarise the world, dividing opinion between those that think that they are the spawn of the devil, leaving hair and dead rodents/birds everywhere, and those that think that the Egyptians were onto something when they worshipped these lovable fur-balls.

This is Maru, a cat who lives in Japan with an owner that is adept at photography and has an eye for feline-related business opportunities, it seems. Maru has a reputation for sprinting across a room and throwing himself into boxes that are too small to fit him. As can be seen above though, this doesn’t usually stop him from trying.

I guess I’m a cat person.

If I ever got a cat, I hope it’d be as happy, bouncy, jump-in-boxy and cute as Maru.

Conclusions? That I like cats. That people can blog about anything these days, be it their own cat or someone else’s cat. And that people are willing to spend money on books and DVDs about someone else’s cat.

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