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Procrastination Hip.

Procrastination Hip: Where, in the process of avoiding doing work of some description (most commonly university work), one stumbles across the ‘newest’, ‘freshest’ or most ‘hip’ thing on the internet. Credit for the creation of this neologism goes to my friend … Continue reading

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Ideas worth spreading.

The internet is a powerful tool indeed. It is capable of wasting the precious few hours that you had set aside to do that assignment that is due tomorrow. Alternatively, it is capable of mobilising opinions and effecting change. and … Continue reading

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Tumblr and

It’s not StumbleUpon this time, but Tumblr and that I am grateful to for helping me procrastinate the hours away. Why slave over the musings of a long-dead Genevan political philosopher (Rousseau) when I could be doing good by sharing … Continue reading

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The Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian is one of the most well-renowned museums in the world. So it makes sense that they’d release a kick-ass new publicity campaign, right? Unfortunately, no. These posters were designed by one Matt Kappler, but if Auckland museum took … Continue reading

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Capitalism in all its glory.

I don’t just fritter my time away viewing blogs and watching The Office in a noble effort to procrastinate. Give me something interesting and intellectual and I’ll appreciate it. A tutor that I had for Sociology last semester showed my … Continue reading

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